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Ring Finds Its 1,562 Customer Passwords On Dark Web

Ring Finds Its 1,562 Customer Passwords On Dark Web

Ring is again in the hot soup for all the wrong reasons. The company has found its doorbell passwords on the dark web. One of the dark web members has disclosed the fact that around 1,562 unique email addresses and passwords have been found on the dark web. An unidentified dark web text-sharing site has declared that it has received a list of passwords linked to the Ring’s doorbells. The stolen passwords and other illicit materials are sold to tech or advertising companies. A security researcher found that the hoard of email addresses and passwords could give the strangers the chance to log in to and use the cameras along with complete control over the time zone or doorbell’s location.

Amazon owns the Ring brand and thus, the online retail giant has told the brand to remain quiet. The dark web told that the listing is still accessible and this puts the customers at risk. Another leak of cache consisting of more than 3,600 Ring doorbells data was found on doorbells. The data found on the dark web seem to be similar to the ones found earlier. The strangers can gain access to the Ring account and take all the customer’s address, phone number, name, payment, and personal information with the idea of blackmailing. The credentials can help one use the Ring devices to access the earlier videos. Nobody has answers about how the data were exposed. The company has warned every customer to change their password and also added two-factor authentication in the accounts. The passwords were easy to decode and it is believed to be done using password spraying technique. Now, the company is working toward making its security measurements stronger.

In a similar note, Ring has decided to partner with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) in the US to help post missing child posters directly in Ring’s app named Neighbors. The free app is usually used by local communities to share or know about local crimes. The 24×7 accessible app plans to connect to millions through the Ring app.

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