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FBI Finds Smart TVs Purchased On Black Friday Sales To Be At A Higher Risk

FBI Finds Smart TVs Purchased On Black Friday Sales To Be At A Higher Risk

The Black Friday sale has shown to make a record of $7.4 Billion in the US. The most popular item to be sold online was the new smart TV. These new set of TVs showed an extremely new set of capabilities. The FBI has found that people who picked up the new smart TV during the sale would find a lot of security issues. Thus, the customers will have to thoroughly investigate about the product being purchased. It has been found that anything that connects to the Internet is potentially at a higher risk of being hacked and so are the smart TVs. The security threat is higher in case of TVs having a microphone that is usually installed to order the TV to change channels or play their favorite music or shows.

TVs also have an in-built camera in the newer models. The privacy and security threat are higher in case of the smart TVs now owing to the direct connection with the Internet or cloud. Though many of the companies are working on tightening their security priorities the internet-connected devices are still vulnerable. TVs have now become a gateway for hackers to gain direct access to an individual’s home. The FBI has warned people that the computers may be secured but the unsecured TVs could give the hackers an entry through their backdoors. The hackers can change the channels, gain control over the volumes, shows kids inappropriate videos, turn bedroom cameras or microphones on, and cyberstalking as well. The FBI has advised users to cover the camera with a cloth when not in use.

Similarly, another proof that the Internet is turning into a monstrous entity is the recent data breach that has put millions of Americans at risk. Just like the TV, out text messages are also at a higher risk as a database containing them was found to be left completely unsecured online. The text messages were found to contain login details, personal info, and other website searches. The data have been believed to be sold to spammers and marketers. The Internet is proving to be the biggest threat for society.

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