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Online Text Message Exposure Could Put Millions Of Americans At Risk

Online Text Message Exposure Could Put Millions Of Americans At Risk

Across the globe, there are instances where once text messages are left exposed to data breach owing to the technological advancements being made in the world of the Internet. The database that has been storing millions of private SMS text messages was found to be left open online for a certain period of time. The team from the online privacy company vpnMentor has found the database to be leaked. The database had all the information related to access, online medical services, usernames, and passwords of websites like Facebook and Google. The researchers have found that database breach will put millions of Americans at risk. The team found that accessing the messages was easy as the logs were completely unsecured and unencrypted.

After this incident, TrueDialog, a text messaging solutions creator for small and large businesses, has taken its logs offline. TrueDialog usually prefers using text messages to send marketing materials or urgent alerts to all its customers. The company has 5 Billion subscribers on a global platform. The company is now helping close the data leak and ensure that people are no longer at risk. The database has been found to be secured now. The TrueDialog’s system users were found to have had their detailed logs of messages present in the database. The details contained job alerts, phone numbers, university finance applications, and other private information. The leaked data could be possibly sold to marketers and spammers. The impact of data leak could leave a lasting impression for millions. The personal details could be an asset for scammers for blackmailing, theft, or fraud.

On a parallel note, restaurant diners in the US Midwest and East have found their bank account details to have been stolen. The four popular restaurant chains include Krystal, Moe’s, McAlister’s Deli, and Schlotzsky’s. The customers’ payment card information was stolen from these diners as per Joker’s Stash, which a major underground online portal infamous for buying and selling stolen payment card data. Around 4 Million card details were found to be stolen.

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