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Mysterious illness brings back memories of sars



A mysterious illness has struck China and this isn’t the familiar evil of SARS however it has brought the unfortunate memories of the deadly outbreak that had started in the year 2002 and taken 800 lives as per the estimates. Till Sunday, there have been a minimum of 59 people have been down with an illness which is similar to that of pneumonia in the city which is called Wuhan and are now being treated and kept isolated. The cause of this illness is not known yet and so far, bird flu, MERS and the adeno virus have been discarded from the possibility list and the symptoms as of now have been aligning as high fever, lung lesions and issues in breathing.

There is one connection which has come out and that is the market of local seafood where a few of the patients had been working. There are reports that this market had been thought to be selling a few of the exotic animals in the form of food and with the markets shutting down have given a window for disinfecting and investigating it.

The virus which had caused SARS had its origins in a market as well from the civet cats which had been sold in the form of a delicacy although the roots of this outbreak had in all likelihood been bats. The experts feel that this illness is also due to the animals.

The occurrence of this disease though being in Wuhan is a silver lining as the city is an epicenter for the research on virology in China and also the home where the deadliest of pathogens are studied in labs.

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