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The New Steering Wheel By Honda Is Developed For Cars That Can Self-Drive

The New Steering Wheel By Honda Is Developed For Cars That Can Self-Drive
Honda Urban EV Concept unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show

Honda aims to tout a series of prototypes and concepts next month at CES 2020, comprising an augmented driving model that brings back memories of Hasbro’s wheel-akin Bop It toy. The tech places all the controls of the car on the steering wheel: tap it twice to start the car, push it to accelerate, and pull it to slow the car down.

The auto manufacturer claims the concept sports more than 8 modes, from fully to semi-autonomous autonomous operation, letting consumers to select whether to manage their car or depend on self-driving system to do all the things. “In the autonomous prospect, Honda thinks that users will be capable of enjoying mobility in new methods when freed from the accountability of driving,” the firm claimed to the media in an interview. “Simultaneously, users might still need to experience the thrill and emotion of driving.” Consumers can even toggle between manual and automatic modes by tapping a switch.

The sensors of the vehicle, Honda claims, will keep an eye out for the intentions of user to toggle between various modes so as to make “an instinctive experience for driving.” And to avoid collisions caused by human mistake, the self-directed driving system will be prepared to make an entry and control the car when required. That is pretty much all Honda disclosed about the tech, but it commits that attendees at CES will get the opportunity to experience simulations of its model. The media will let you know how it works.

On a related note, Honda earlier at the Tokyo Motor Show launched the 2020 Fit. The automaker also claimed that it will have a hybrid alternative, as well. In fact, it will be the first vehicle to employ its latest two-motor hybrid system dubbed as the e:HEV.

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