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Huel Launches Its 200-Calorie Snack Bars In The US

Huel Launches Its 200-Calorie Snack Bars In The US

If you find yourself continually without time to make food, there is a new “healthy” alternative when it comes to dietary food. The British-correspondent of Soylent, Huel, is rolling out its snack bars in the US. Beginning this week, you can buy the firm’s v3.1 snack bars via its official site. They are accessible in 2 flavors, salted caramel and chocolate, with a sole order of 30 bars for a price of $62.22. You can also purchase 30 bars with a price tag of $56 if you enroll for subscription service by Huel. That works out to $1.87 and $2.07 for each bar.

Huel claims the snacks are “a delicious, filling, and nutritionally enriched snack.” And at first glimpse, they have a lot going for them. Every bar has 27 vitamins and minerals along with 200 calories, comprising calcium, iron, and zinc. The firm also claims they are created from sustainable and high-quality plant-based ingredients such as pea, oat flour, and brown rice proteins, along with flaxseed powder.

But like most items, the amount of included sugar is an issue. A sole chocolate bar from Huel comprises 1.4 teaspoons (7 Grams) of included sugar, while a single salted caramel bar has 1.6 teaspoons (8 Grams) of included sugar. The American Heart Association suggested men keep their everyday intake of included sugar under nine teaspoons (36 Grams). Females, in the meantime, must try to east not more than six teaspoons (25 Grams) each day. Clearly, the occasional bar will not hurt. But when it is the question of sugar, less is always more.

Users in the US also have a lot of alternatives when it comes to nutritional snacks. Previously this year, Soylent began trading its “mini-meal” 100-calorie bars. And there are even bigger firms such as RxBar, which is controlled by Kellogg.

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