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Our Team

Robert Fields
Lead Editor

Robert has been working with the Daily News Insights portal from the past 6 years and has written down some of the best articles. He has gained immense knowledge about skilled writing each passing year. For now, Robert has been appointed as the Head of the Technology domain owing to his best writings in technology. Robert has completed his Bachelor of Management (Technology) along with a certification in the contextual courses. He has gained a lot of praise for his skillful writing and intellectual personality. Robert's contribution to the Technology domain has helped the Daily News Insights portal gain a lot of popularity within a few years.


Phone:  +1 504-417-2759

Lisa Miller
Sr. Content Writer

Lisa has chosen contextual representation as a career despite the completion of Minor in Astronomy owing to the love for reading and writing. She is known for the teacher-skills imbibed in her as it has helped many juniors bloom and prosper. Lisa has completed 4 Years of her career on the Daily News Insights portal. She has been handed over the responsibility of leading the Science domain. Lisa's love for writing can be seen in the penciled down data that have some amazing vocabulary used. She has gained a lot of knowledge about space over the years. Space is a vast subject that Lisa wants readers to know more about.


Phone: +1 504-670-1942

Meggan Hill
News Journalist

Meggan holds a degree in Healthcare Finance and still thought of exploring the field of writing. She now is one of the best writers on the Daily News Insights portal owing to her linguistic nature. Meggan is a very skilled writer and plans to add credits to her career by penning down a few vocal articles. Meggan's 7 Years of dedication has helped her lead the Healthcare & Services domain. Meggan's caring and knowledge-sharing nature have helped her gain a lot of popularity on the portal. All the juniors love to learn newer tactics from her to improve their writing.


Phone: +1 504-406-3952

Larry Christian
Contributing Author

The business domain on the Daily News Insights portal is handled by Larry. Larry has been working with the portal for about 3 years now and is still going strong. He basically wants to share all the information grasped during his education and years of working with the information-craving readers. Larry may have completed a Degree in Accounting but switched to writing immediately after realizing the immense opportunities in contextual representation. Daily News Insights portal is very proud to have Larry in their family as his role has only helped the portal flourish within a short time. He has plans to initiate a training program for the freshers so as to help them learn and improve their writing skills.


Phone: +1 504-937-6008

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