Our Team

Our Motivated Team Members:

Robert Fields 

Robert comes from the technology background with his Master’s Degree in Computer Science. He has given 7 Years of his life to the field of Computer Science and is connected with Daily News Insights from last 4 Years. Robert is a prominent personality and holds affluent aptitude of his domain. Exploring the latest gadgets that are incorporated with the advanced technology is the hobby that makes Robert forget the time he is spending on.
Email: robert@dailynewsinsights.com

Lisa Miller 

Lisa is a well-known media magnet. She has the record of giving an enormous contribution in the field of pharmacy. She has completed her Doctor of Pharmacy with distinction. Lisa has been working in the field of pharmacy for the last 8 Years and is an expert in her domain. Her interest in writing made her connect with Daily News Insights and she has successfully completed 4 Years with us. Planting trees are her hobby. She has a great collection of different types of plants in her personal garden.
Email: lisa@dailynewsinsights.com

Meggan Hill 

Meggan is an expertise in the medical field. She holds the Degree of Doctor of Medicine. She has 10 Years of rich contribution to the medical & healthcare field. Meggan has been associated with Daily News Insights from last 5 Years and is the motivation of the team to work effectively. Meggan loves to connect with the environment and spend quality moments with her family when she is able to manage some time from her hectic schedule.
Email: meggan@dailynewsinsights.com

Larry Christian 

Larry has completed a Masters Degree in Business Administrations. He holds a strong knowledge of the business sector and has contributed about 10 Years in the industry. He has been a rich source of motivation and is a well-known persona in the business sector. He is awarded for the best inputs in his field. He contributes with his unique style of working in Daily News Insights. He loves listening to classical music in his free time.
Email: larry@dailynewsinsights.com